Probably the most common misunderstandings employers have is how to properly classify workers as either employees or independent contractors.  The largest cause of confusion and errors comes when someone has a friend or industry peer that miss-classifies their workers.  Even though your friend has never had a problem, does not mean the IRS or other entity that could investigate your business would agree with your friend or be soft on miss-classification penalties! Don’t make this mistake, the IRS has provided in depth documentation to educate the public on their position and the costly risks of doing it wrong.  Below are a few IRS web-pages to help you understand the differences and help you avoid making this mistake in your business:[…]

The US Department of Homeland Security has issued a Scam Alert stating employers have been receiving scam emails requesting information from employee I-9 forms. USCIS website states: “These scam emails come from a fraudulent email address: This is not a USCIS email address. The body of the email may contain USCIS and Office of the Inspector General labels, your address and a fraudulent download button that links to a non-government web address ( Do not respond to these emails or click the links in them.” For more I-9 information on this and other events, see the following webpage