Payroll Processing

Finally, a smart solution. We make payroll sensible and not overly time consuming. Online access with integrated timekeeping or easy to use custom imports. Even most of 100+ employee clients can complete their payroll processing in a matter of minutes.

Need a customized solution? We can provide an import format that is compatible with any timeclock or point-of-sale system. Addan easy-to-use web-based HR solution or more robust HR software, we have a great fit for any size business. Integrated employee self-service portals, integrated onboarding and employee document delivery! Your employees will be more satisfied being able to access their information when they need without taking valuable time from your H/R or administrative staff. Payroll administration has never been this easy!.

Tax Pay and File

Changing Payroll tax regulations are time consuming and cumbersome to keep on top of. Payroll Perfectcan save you time by handling your payroll tax filing and payment. We guarantee to get it right, even a government or agency mistake, we will fix it.

Tax reporting and payment can be a lot of headache for many businesses, especially if you have multi-state or local tax jurisdiction needs. We will handle all your payroll tax requirements. When you choose Payroll Perfect’s Tax Pay and File service you won't have to think about when your tax payments or reports are due, we handle it for you. Making this service even better, if there is a mistake when we are in charge of your processing we will fix it. Even if the error is on the side of a government agency, we will work with that agency to fix the problem for you.

Employee Portals

HUB Portal will reduce management and HR time spent on simple employee requests. Time-off requests and approval, check stub and W-2 copies and even time-cardsare at employee fingertips, 24/7. Have you ever had an employee ask for copies of check stubs or W-2 forms? We all have this happen. With our employee portals, employees will be able to access these and other documents without taking your time, and this is only one small part of what our HUB portals can do for you.

Employees can submit changes for W4 withholding, direct deposit, address and other changes. Imagine the valuable administration time that will be saved when employees submit this data to you. Additionally, with HUB you can distribute files to employees such as employee handbooks or open-enrollment documents and not only see when employees read those documents, but also have them electronically acknowledge the receipt of important documents. Let new technology add efficiency and increased employee satisfaction to your HR department.

Integrated Timekeeping

Web-based or Hardware based timekeeping solutions, all options are fully hosted to simplify the resources needed inside your business. Say goodbye to servers or annual software maintenance contracts. Guess what, there’s more!It only gets better with single sign-on employee access for timekeeping from employee portals.

Payroll Perfect time and attendance solutions to fit any budget as well as any number of employees. New Department of Labor requirements make it almost impossible to sensibly protect your business from employee time claims without a good electronic timekeeping system. If you have an old timeclock or hours are handwritten, our accurate electronic timekeeping solutions will easily pay for itself saving employee wage costs or administration dollars. Our timekeeping options can help track tips and other payments, deductions or reimbursements. There is no reason to continue doing time-consuming and error-prone manual timecards. In addition to your office admin time, avoid problems that are common with manual or punch employee timecards while getting the added security that makes "buddy-punching" impossible with an affordable biometric clock.

Workers' Compensation Reporting

Simplified, to the penny wage reporting and premiums drawn directly from your account each payroll. Our partners use most national insurers getting you the service and competitive rates you need. We can make big year-end adjustments and initial policy depositsa thing of the past.

Payroll Perfect has partnerships with worker's compensation carriers and brokers that can provide you several simple coverage and payment options. When you choose an insurance broker we have a reporting agreement with, say goodbye to paying big worker's compensation coverage deposits annually or end of year audits resulting in big premium adjustments. Each pay-day your wages will be reported directly and the insurer will draw your premium directly from your account. Ask us to put you in contact with a broker to get you a time and cost saving quote.

Background Screening

Pre or post-employment background and credit screening can help you find the right employee, or even be required in your industry or by your insurance company. Several different pre-employment screening levels and background check packages are available. We provide an easy, cost-effective way to get the screening services you need.

Employers who conduct background screening greatly reduce the risk of employee theft, fraud and embezzlement as well as workplace incidents. Background screening may help save your company thousands of dollars by helping prevent a bad hire. It is important that you protect your employees and customers from unnecessary risks. Background screening sends a message to your employees, vendors, and clients that you are serious about your business.